Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to legally tell him to cut his tree!?

My neighbors tree extends to my roof and drops a bunch of leaves and what not all over my yard. I live in Los Angeles. I would ask him nicely but he's this old grumpy black man that just never smiles. He complains about everything at my house, my music is too loud, my dogs, everything. So, talking to him would be a waste. Can I make a complaint to the city?How to legally tell him to cut his tree!?
Under California law, you can just cut the branch. Of course, him being old and all he may cap you for messing with his tree. He is old, I doubt prison scares him.How to legally tell him to cut his tree!?
I would go to city hall though and make sure there are no tree hugging ordinances before you do it.

Make sure you check the laws of your jurisdiction. In most states trees that grow naturally rather than having been planted are deemed to be a natural condition. So even if the owner refuses to trim them its not considered a nuisance. Unless you can show the tree poses some kind of danger then your neighbor's declining to remove it would be a nuisance. Like its close to a power line or it may cause your roof to fall in.

Leaves in your backyard, while annoying, don't pose any danger to you. =)
Why do you care about leaves? Just rakem up. Please dont cut it, that tree is liveing just like you and me, it may not be able to see hear touch or feel but it is living. Would you cut some ones arm off just because it was growing to much hair?
You should still try to talk to him. Why escalate the situation unnecessarily? He may be grumpy and never smile, but he might understand property rights. Tell him that you will cut the branch yourself (which you have the right to do) if he doesn't.
Legally, if it is on your property, you are allowed to cut it off if you don't like it. I mean he hates you anyway, its not like he would hate you anymore.
Careful, you're going to get all kinds of comments that you're just racist!!

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