Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How do we get young men to respect women and girls?

it seems most young men have no respect for women and girls and see them as inferior or as sex objects. What should we do about this?How do we get young men to respect women and girls?
so what about females respecting males? men are humans too and deserve respect.How do we get young men to respect women and girls?
western feminist women have a warped 'princess delusion' that makes them think they can be as nasty, vulgar, rude, hostile, combative, disgusting, etc.. as they please, but men are required to treat them with all the chivalry and dignity as if they were a 'princess' with the highest charm, civility, respect and honor. At the same time these western feminist relentlessly attack men with all lewd and vulgar accusations and inuendo and make sport of mocking, criticizing and disrespecting men.

hookers in most parts of the world would be embarassed and ashamed to behave, speak, dress and act as do western feminist women. and comparatively, these hookers are sweeter, more charming, polite, well behaved, respectful and modest than western feminist women..

it is a wonder why western feminist women should get more respect than a hooker.. , as the hookers have a better reputation and have done more to earn the respect of men..
Your point of view is part of the problem. It's a fantasy and many women and girls think they are entitled when they are in fact, not. Many wouldn't have as many problems as they do if they had more respect for themselves.

I have a daughter of my own, and I want to teach her to be responsible for her decisions and actions, which is much more realistic and better for her than arbitrarily teaching every male that comes along to respect her; that wouldn't make sense. If more women were taught to respect themselves then there would be no need to worry about men who see them as inferior sex objects.
Women and girls are the ones who have to make others respect them and learn how to avoid submissive behaviour. In our society, there is constant bullying and every person has to learn how to defend herself and demand respect. Of course, I am not talking about the bullying that takes place in bad neighbourhoods and public schools, which can lead to physical aggression ... I have no answer for those cases.

The only case of abuse I witnessed is that of a very good friend: her parents force her to be her brother's maid. The brother abuses her, beats her up, prevents her from seeing her friends, steals her CD and video games and sells them; the father laughs and the mother is terrorised.

The mother and the daughter are both educated and the daughter has a very good career with a good salary. Why does she not call the police or leave: I don't know. If she actually left her family, perhaps she would teach a lesson to her father and brother, but she allows this treatment. These men are not going to change if women allow such behaviour.

In every instance of abuse, there is a victim and an aggressor. Why do the victims allow aggressors to victimize them? Why do they stay? I think the solution lies in teaching the victims to leave.
';Inferior';, ';sex objects';? Wow, how original.
Tell me what they are there for then why don't you. Small talk? Errands?
Respect begets respect.
I respect those who deserve it, no one is entitled to respect.
Most males my age have come to realize that sex is available one way or another. I'm having difficulty expressing the exact message I intend to get across. Try to understand, though, that I have the utmost respect for women and I don't mean to come across as biased. I am disgusted by the number of my peers that would endure months of dating a girl that they have no genuine interest in for the sole purpose of getting in her pants, but, also, some women oftentimes give the impression that they are ';easy';. When all else fails, young men will turn to the ';slutty'; girl and still get their fix. From where I stand I can only assume that their behaviors are based on a belief that they need not treat a girl with respect because there will always be the alternative. Not all of us are quite as immature as you might believe, but I completely understand your feelings of negativity. Clearly neither sex is perfect and that is not the point of this debate, but my point is that young males are not entirely at fault. For young males in general to become more acceptable members of society, young women will have to maintain a proper image, as well.

If my answer isn't quite what you're looking for, I would reccomend doing research on ';Nature Vs. Nurture';
Oh please, girls treat guys no respect at all. ';kick his balls'; ';boys are stupid, throw rocks at them!';
Stop attacking them and disrespecting, you aren't going to get people who are being constantly attacked, oppressed, put down, and persecuted to respect their attackers.

Respect is earned and Feminism has taught women to hate men and masculinity. Frankly, they are sick and tired of your hatred.

What we should do is end Feminism, i.e. the Female Supremacist hate group, and teach girls and women to respect men.
Simple, you earn it. Men don't respect other men either, unless their respect is earned. So if we're not respecting you to the extent of which YOU think you deserve. Then maybe the problem lies with you, not men.
Hmmm, I have to disagree. I would change the crowed you are hanging around.
Respect is earned and only i can decide who the hell i wish to give my respect too.
when FEMINISTS start respecting men and boys

respect is earned
Raise them right
You teach the women and girls how to behave in ways that are deserving of respect.
You do have some evidence to back up this bold assertion, yes?
Make them wear bras,panties and high heels when they are mean to women
I think it has to do with their mothers not teaching them better. Plus if other girls call girls ';hoes, s!uts etc...'; then on top of that come on to guys that are involved or simply want to be with them (relationship or sexual) because of their looks why respect them? They don't respect themselves.
I guess if they can't respect women and girls we could just ship them off to some kind of Battle Royale situation, that way they could get to show off their 'masculinity' by killing each other :-) Problem solved.

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