Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How do straight men just ignore the male genitalia of pre-op transsexual women?

Most straight guys I know wouldn't Jck off another biological male (of course), so how do the straight guys that date trans women ignore the male genitalia? (i'm not talking about ';tranny chasers';[they would like that], just straight guys, that date trans women)

i'd like to know from trans women themself but I dont mind answers from gay men or women or anyone reallyHow do straight men just ignore the male genitalia of pre-op transsexual women?
I was still pre op when I was dating the guy I ended up marrying, and he knew anything below my waist was off limits. Yet we both enjoyed a sex life together before my surgery.How do straight men just ignore the male genitalia of pre-op transsexual women?
I've dated more than one transgender person, and the answer is that parts is parts when you're in bed with someone you care about.

Some transgender people are very uncomfortable with their pre-op bodies and don't want those parts touched anyway. Others just take advantage of the nerve endings they've got. Some will use the plain physical language for their parts (';I'm a guy with a ****.';) while others prefer to map their current parts onto the body they want (';I have a clit on a stick.';)

And in my experience, the partner can work with that. You look in their eyes, and there's a reason you got in bed with them in the first place, and oh look, nerve endings.
I believe because transexuals know inside of them that they are meant to be the opposite sex, boyfriends of preop trans women also know. They understand and feel sexually that that ';man'; is actually a woman, and because the boyfriend is most likely in love with the ';man,'; he is willing to wait for the operation.
I agree with Sarah and Mana.

Some men don't suffer from transphobia. Some men are secure enough in their own masculinity and recognize that the person they are dealing with is a woman with a temporary medical condition. One that can be worked around.
Straight men do not over look male genitalia on pre-ops. Only bi men do. A straight who is truly straight and not lying to himself, would not be banging someone who is genetically a man. A bi sexual man probably would though.
I don't think there is such a thing, or they are just lying to themselves. Like that guy on MTV who said he was straight but just did gay porn cause it paid better.... yeah f'n right total queer

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