Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How come men and women are in different leagues(WOMEN ONLY)?

i dont mean to offend anyone in anyway but id like to hear it from ';the other side'; of the conversations. but how come things are kinda unfair. i mean

if a girl insults a guy, everyone automatically laughs a guy insults a girl,no one ever laughs and acts like its a huge crime

ya call a guy fat everyone goes home,call a girl fat its a serious crime

a girl starts problems with a guy,the guy cant do nothing,start problems with a girl its a serious crime

girl turns down a guy he gets laughed at, guy turns down a girl they act like the guy is a demon or something

im not stereotyping but i see stuff like this happen alot,hell sometimes it even happened to me

i just liked to know how come things are this way, how come boys and girls cant have equal thingsHow come men and women are in different leagues(WOMEN ONLY)?
That's something I've never really thought about before but the way you put it, I can see what you mean-that it does happen.

Things are probably this way because it's not really talked about and if it's not talked about then things unfortunately stay the same.How come men and women are in different leagues(WOMEN ONLY)?
Girls report incidents more, cry etc. and actions are taken. Boys tend to sit back, have the attitude of ';that don't hurt';, like they don't care and let things hit a boiling point. Like you're probably doing. The other thing is look at the people laughing are they bully types or followers, cause everybody dosen't laugh.
it's the double standard's like the same thing with men ... how come men can sleep around but a women who does it labeled a whore!....i think it's just the expectations traditional society has on both sexes that men are supposed to be gentlemen and women are supposed to ladies
I don't know if anybody else will answer your question and event though I'm not a girl I will answer because this type of thing pisses me off.

the reason why things are like this is because everybody thinks that women are perfect angels and incapable of such crime
First of all, yes, you are stereotyping.

%26amp;None of those things you mentioned are ';serious crimes'; at all.

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