Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How are unattractive married men able to cheat?

Who sleeps with these guys?How are unattractive married men able to cheat?
The woman who sleeps with anyone, lol...How are unattractive married men able to cheat?
Desperate women?
Desperate and h0rn* people
Presumably women with equally low standards to those of their wives.
LOL... I guess desperate women, or women who do find them attractive... if there is a will, there is a way. Whose to say the women sleeping with them are attractive, I mean they could be just as unattractive and immoral as the cheater... and thats why they make a good match.
Women addicted to sex.
Define 'unattractive'. You know there is a saying - ';someone's trash is another person's treasure';. I am sure there are a lot of desperate women with low self esteem that are willing to sleep with just about anyone.
well his wife slept with him so i guess others would too
';unattractive married men'; actually cheat with hot young girls especially if they have a lot of money. but for simpletons, it's all on their strategy. they have that charm where they can hook up with decent girls. a girl will let herself be caught up if she gets something in return like attention, money, or even someone that will be there for them. apparently, there are a lot of lonely girls out there that just needs some comfort and if a guy can sweep her off her feet it wouldn't matter if he's attractive or not.
Women who love their money but do not care for their looks.
Any woman who believes his story that he's the new CEO of Microsoft and is worth millions.
I've often wondered this very thing about the women attracted to me.
Only one way I know, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
As they say ';There is someone out there for everyone';. And baring that just get a hooker
Extremely horny women. Big time adulteress. They know this is wrong but they still do the forbidden anyways.
Women are attracted to men for a variety of reasons. Physical looks in men are only attractive to teenage girls or young women in their early twenties.

As women get older cocky, funny, wit, charm, knowledge, money, sense of humour, intelligence, reliability and dependability amongst other things are the main attractions. Take Salman Rushdie for example, not a good looking guy at all but this nerdy looking guy has dated some stunners.

So it is not about physical attractiveness.

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