Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why is it okay for some men to have high standards for women?

when they look like crap themselves. I know plenty of not so attractive guys that are shallow, doesn't make sense. And even if they were attractive that doesn't give them the right to dictate how a woman should look, as if she's beneath him or something and she can't make decisions for herself.Why is it okay for some men to have high standards for women?
Like you said, they're shallow. Maybe comedians if they're not shallow, both indicators of low self esteem in my mind. And what are female looks anyway from a guys perspective? Guys who know themselves and want a equal as a partner only look for chemistry and attraction (in my case mutual attraction). I think a lot of it is because of our obsession with status symbols, large breasts, correct face etc. Just like cars, job, house.

I see the reverse frequently when it comes to women, meaning their lack of standards. I'm sure they would like more, but boy don't they (a lot of them) settle for anything that breaths. I also have this theory about some women (usually quite unattractive women) who would rather be gay than settle for a man with less perceived status than they think they deserve, looks, money, mostly looks. Yeah, it's pretty crazy world.Why is it okay for some men to have high standards for women?
It's because they're not living in reality. It's like the fat guy that wants a hot chick. Who really knows if he thinks he can do it....but if he can, I guess props to him. And.....I'm gonna say it...looks aren't everything. It's more about attitude and personality for a lot of people. Anyone with the attitude you described above is not going to get any girl who thinks highly of herself.
That's just the way some of them are. I know what you mean though. Some guys are very unattractive (physically and mentally) and only a girl who looks like a supermodel is good enough for them.
not all guys are d***heads.... there are a few of us who are tru. so not all men suck lol (comment above) :)
All guys suck..i have completely givin up hope.
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