Monday, August 16, 2010

Why do some women dislike equal rights between men and women?

I've read about how some women hated the ERA and dislike women's sufferage. What's up with this? What are the reasons that some women what to

be ';inferior'; to men? (I am totally for equal rights FYI)Why do some women dislike equal rights between men and women?
I don't think that men could be equal to us. They need to evolve. Even the nicest of men tend to be dense.Why do some women dislike equal rights between men and women?
Because it should include equal responsibility, which the ERA opposes. It demands women earn the same average income as men, without them working the same jobs that gets men killed on the job 700 times more often than women's jobs. You never hear about female mine workers. They want to be mine engineers, but not workers,

On fishing boats, they will work below deck, but not on deck hauling in the catch. They want the supervisor's job for sewer workers, but don't want to work in the sewers.

Finally, they demand the same rights as adult males, without being required to register for the Draft.

women r the wiser sex, they know that they r the better half,

and why settle for equal rights, when they feel they r more equal than men.

It is so much happier for them to allow the men to do all the dirty jobs, and with the sweat of their brows to earn enough to spend less on themselves and more on their women.
From a logical standpoint:

With women entering the work force, it didn't necessarily create an equal amount of jobs, but it did make the labor pool twice as large, leaving employees with room to pay less due to high competition (basically, spouse vs spouse). While women gained their ';freedom'; to work, they and their families ';lost'; their freedom to stay home and do homely things, like taking care of kids, maintaining property, preparing food, etc.

Women and men make much less than half as much now dreadfully considering inflation- forcing entire families to be working, leaving little time for family matters, kids and/or zero money for kids. It's good when families can afford to have a spouse (male or female) able to take care of the kids. It's not necessarily good when both parents must work to maintain a family, leaving children growing up with less attention to their needs.

From a religious standpoint:

I think all people are equal in the eyes of god and I like the way he thinks, which brings me to another matter; some people think women are not equal in the eyes of god and even some women especially in the past agreed with that. I think that may have left religious reasons to be against things like the ERA and women's suffrage.

Maybe I'm wrong about all that stuff though, just hypothesizing.

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