Monday, August 16, 2010

Too shy so where how am I going to find someone to date at age 40?

I am recently divorced after 9 yrs. It has been over for quite a while and I am ready to move on. But I wonder how I will ever meet anyone to ever date. My life revolves around work and my kids. So it seems if I don't run into a perspective man in the grocery store or little league field I will miss all dating opportunities. I don't go out I am sorta shy. Online dating terrifies me. I don't want to stay in my ';bubble'; forever. Where or how can I meet men now I am 40?Too shy so where how am I going to find someone to date at age 40?
find a good church in your neighborhood. attend services. volunteer. participate in study groups. not only will you meet people -- not just men, but all kinds of people -- but you'll more likely be able to trust the people you meet. at a minimum, you'll likely make new friends.Too shy so where how am I going to find someone to date at age 40?
Its ok, try and go to like the club or something and sit at the table lonely till a nice guy comes along. What do you mean by little league field? do you have kids? If you mean a football field try and spot someone who LOOKS single and i dunno start commenting on the game as he answers. Then maybe u will have to use all your heart and guts to ask him on date. I know its hard but once its done, you wont regret it.
ask your friends if they know someone.

don't they sometimes have things like date lunches or whatever with a few people? and they all have a short lunch date with the other people? and you see who you match with?

anyone know what i'm thinking of? something like that might be good if you are scared of online dating (which is a lot better than a personal ad in the paper or on craigslist)
Can always try it here. It's free.

Before registering you can watch some youtube videos, twitter and facebook page.
Don't concentrate so much on dating, but rather in broadening your circle of friends. Find something that interests you, eg book club, sport, church etc an then pursue that interest. There are also social groups which arrange varying types of outings from movies and dinners to weekends away, dragon boating and hiking. Lots of people meet their partners through such groups. You'll meet people you already have something in common with, as well as have something besides work and the kids to talk to potential dates about :) I don't know where you are located but is a great one in Australia,

What is it about online dating that terrifies you? If you decide to give it ago here are a few tips to keep yourself safe:

1) Always talk online for a while first. Determine what the guy is interested in and make sure it is also what you want. Don't be afraid to say NO. Most dating sites give you the option to block unwanted people.

2) Never give out ANY personal information (e.g. phone number email or home address etc) until you are comfortable doing so.

3) Always meet at a public place for your first date. Make your own travel arrangements to get there, and let someone else know where you're going.

4) relax and have fun :) Don't expect every guy you talk to to be your potential soul mate.

Good luck, and welcome to the world of mature dating :)

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