Monday, August 16, 2010

Men, which would you rather have? Or would consider the better of two evils.....?

A woman, who constantly puts herself down, calls herself ugly and fat and complains about how she is not good enough.


A woman, who constantly talks about how beautiful she is, compliments her own looks and points out how other men find her attractive as well.

Women can also answer what they would want in a man, one who is loaded with self-esteem or a man who has none. Which would be more ';tolerable'; to you?

Suggested Category - Entertainment and Music...LOLMen, which would you rather have? Or would consider the better of two evils.....?
Either both are too extremeMen, which would you rather have? Or would consider the better of two evils.....?
Asked by ';sexy blonde chic'; lol.

I guess I'd have to say neither. I'm all for confidence, but ********* is as much a turn off as insecurity.

A man or a woman with no self esteem is a huge turn off

A man or a woman with too much is also a huge turn off.
id rather put up with someone with less self esteem than someone with a head so big i can't fit in the room with them...
Why does she have to talk? Shouldn't she be quiet unless I'm asking her a question? If she has time to talk, I need to give her more chores.
Neither one is appealing. There's nothing sexy about a woman with zero confidence. And confidant is one thing; conceited is another.
Women with low self esteem are much more eager to please.
Both are extremes, i'd rather have a well-balanced individual to deal with. i really couldn't tolerate either for very long. i suppose if i absolutely had to though, i'd say the one who was positive about themself, makes for a happier person.
um. guyswouldwnt the self confident beauty..talker

i would want the chub..cuz i am a chub..and have a beauty talkin boyfriend
Women who are down on themselves can build their self-esteem much more readily than a snooty b*tch can be humbled (at least until the wrinkles and sags of age put them in their place).
niether. just be confident and humble. men like that.
neither just get another chick
Neither. Both of these people have serious self-esteem issues. Person A displays theirs by talking bad about themselves. Person B displays theirs by bragging - trying to convince themselves and others that they believe this about themselves.

Don't confuse self-esteem and arrogance. A woman (or man) with self esteem DOES NOT talk about how beautiful they are, etc. They don't need to.
the phrase is ';lesser of two evils';
I would much rather spend my time helping someone develop a positive self outlook than being a part of affirming an over inflated ego.............even if what she says is true, she should be quietly greatful for the time she has to enjoy it, not bragging. Given time, even the lovliest flower fades and decays.
Someone who talks herself up would be more tolerable than someone who talks herself down, though both extremes are obviously unappealing.

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