Monday, August 16, 2010

Men: What are women to you?

What do you see them as.

How do you like them to dress?




While most men see their women as ';playthings,'; I see mine as a QUEEN.

How do I like them to dress? Decently and beautifully.

Personality. I like a girl/woman who's not clingy or needy, can stand up for herself, is confident, and has the guts to challenge me when she knows I'm wrong.

Looks? Gorgeous, of course.Men: What are women to you?
Any man, who claims he understands women, is both a fool and an idiot, although, there is little to choose between those two.

Women are complex, emotional creatures, warm, caring, loving, generous with their love and time.

But as they say, when scorned, or betrayed, can be a furious being. One to avoid at all costs.

It would be easier and simpler, in trying to understand women, than Einstein's Theory of the Universe.

Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned, so beware my friend, do not place them on a pedestal, but treat them, as the precious creatures they are, Let them run free, and be who they are, and appreciate what God has created in her.

If you try to choose, one of two things, about her, then you will be overlooking many of her gifts.

Never, ever, chose a woman, only on the way she dresses or looks, you, will be sadly disappointed.

You can like what you want, but it's the woman, who decides what she wants, and that's what counts. And it would behoove you, to understand and accept this.Men: What are women to you?
i see them has the photo-negative of a male

i just want to think i see the photo-negation of me when i look at a girl!

(by photo-negation i mean the apparence is diffrent a bit but the same attitude and all the stuff, if animes where real i'd fall in love with konata from lucky star
I see them as other human beings...better looking than the male ones

I am a big fan of skirts.

down to earth

I prefer cute to ';stunning';.

They can be queens, but some can be the epitome of evil. it depends on the individual.

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