Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to stop men from thinking about sex?

I want to cleanse their minds!!;) So tell me how.How to stop men from thinking about sex?
Hmmmmmmm.....PU$$Y!How to stop men from thinking about sex?
Show less cleavage?
Asphyciation. About the only thing that works......
Give it to me and I'll promise I'll stop. I swear.
I see a ginger and I stop thinking about sex immediately.
Something sports-related.
Your question combined with your picture and avatar name will give me nightmares for a fortnight.
it can be temporarily stopped with violence such as combat sports, movies and video games. But that is only a temporary answer since there is no true way to stop those thoughts
very easy... start educating girls... not to wear reveling cloths... stop showing there body... and tell your gvt. stop sex scenes in the movies...

i am sure it will help a lot
ask GOD that question..... i have no idea and no one needs to insult you on answering .. i bet all the ones in cemetarys dont think about sex any more..dont feed me this cleavage crap or skimpy clothes crap.. thing thats a cop out and dont feed me that hormone crap neither.... GOD EVERYONE HAS A BODY SO WHAT....theres something seriously wrong with them and jokes are immature.. lust is just plain immature.... they ruin us.. ya cant have sex with everyone.. men are sick... and then try to pass buck on to us..
cut off their balls
you can't. rather you like it or not sex is pretty much always on their minds. but just because they think about it doesn't always mean they'll act upon it.
the only cure is sex its self.
Let me know when you find out?

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