Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to keep my man happy?

suggestionsHow to keep my man happy?
...I suggest making him your prince supposedly...and show him all the worldly great things you'll do to him if he keeps you both from becoming paupers!...agreed?

Have fun with him my sweet sister....what else huh?

Enjoy!How to keep my man happy?
Horny goat weed and spending time together
Lots of sex. All types.
Food, sex, TV.

As long as he has those things, he'll be one happy fella.

And if he ain't making you happy then it's time to rethink the situation !
just keep doin sexual things
Hi carly, try just asking him what he wants, yes lots of sex is true but find out how he likes it for example theres costumes, role play, different and exciting areas, surprising him. Maybe he also likes his girl to cook nice food 鈥?most men do. Or watch sport with him or allow him to play his games etc. just ask him and you'll know. I asked my bf and now I know what he likes me to do to keep him happy (not just sex wise).
Bed, bed and more bed

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