Monday, August 16, 2010

How to figure this out? and what is the answer?

1. A huge truck was falling from a high building and it cost 30minute to fall what is the distance?


2. When a cup drop from 100m high building and it take 3minute to fall what is the distance.


3. When 900 students push a heavy box with 9000N what is the Force?


4. When 10 students pull a desk with 20N what is the Force?

1. It took 30 minutes for a man to fall from the airplane what is the distance between ground and airplane?

2. 50 kg sat on the chair with 100 N. What is the force of a man sitting on a chair?

1. When 50 kg person jump down on 2 m building then how long hit the ground.

2. When 1000kg car move 3000n then what is the force?How to figure this out? and what is the answer?
... I'm confused...How to figure this out? and what is the answer?
I'm not really in this level of math, but I do know that the force of gravity is 9.81m/s^2 which has alot to do with this would be my guess. All you're trying to do is solve for x in all of these so try finding an equation that works to set up the problems? I'm not sure how much this all will help but good luck anyways.
1. the distance is 30 minutes away from the ground

2.the cup is 100m away



idk i think this is impossible to answer

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