Monday, August 16, 2010

How do swedish women respond to black men?

Is it easy to get hot swedish women if you're black?

I'm African American. Thinking about travelling there!How do swedish women respond to black men?
Sorry but at this time of year it is getting colder and hence you will not find many ';hot'; swedish women unless they are too warm from being tucked up in bed with a hot cup of cocoa.

Sorry but if you ask a silly question, then you leave yourself open for a silly answer!

Tip number 1 for European females - we are treated equally over here and therefore also read and answer Y!A questions, meaning that terms like ';hot'; or ';chicks'; etc etc are unnecessary.How do swedish women respond to black men?
Swedish people are contrary to popular beliefs rather reserved. If you are only coming to my country just to hit on women then don't bother coming. I'm sure you can find some dating site to occupy your mind with instead. It'll be a lot cheaper for you as well then a trip to Sweden.
Dude it isn't easy for white dudes to get chicks. Why should black guys be any different People are pretty much the same in Sweden (i would think ).unless the person doesn't like black people. But i dont think so.

ME thats not cool man
You are asking a totally general question, to which there is no general answer. Which women, which men? YOU? :)
They don't
Swedish has the most opened culture in regard to love %26amp; sex. They really enjoy it from High School to Old Age.........I read in Magazine and hear/say but knowing is true.

Nice place, nice know!!!, andnicepeople.......all round.

Try your might be real have a long term love.
They love them.

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