Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Men only: How did your feelings about your wife change (if at all) after she gave birth to your child?

Did you love her more? Did you look at her as a ';mom,'; so that she was de-sexualized to you? Did you find it gross that she gave birth? BE HONEST.Men only: How did your feelings about your wife change (if at all) after she gave birth to your child?
At first I would say I only loved her more.Men only: How did your feelings about your wife change (if at all) after she gave birth to your child?
Honestly, my perception of my wife changed very little after she gave birth to our first child, and in no way that I could identify. However, that may be because she already had been married and had a child before I ever met her. I was her second husband and I raised her daughter like she was my own. So, to me, my wife was always a mother.
For most couples, I have to say, I don't recommend the husband being there at the birth. No, it didn't de-sexualize my wife at all, but then again, I was in the waiting room, while my son was being born. I think if I was there at the birth, it might have effected that part of our relationship.
I read in a study that women after giving birth release certain pheromones which the male partner smells and gets turned off.

I know theres more to it. That's all I can remember tho.
I figured I was bangin a MILF now!!!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!!!!!!
feel the same the love only gets stronger
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I was there for the first two and I delivered the third, I loved her more every time. Some boys just cant deal with the real world. They want a porn star wife , but cant handle reality. When I heard my son call my wife, Mother, it was a beautiful day. I could not wait for her to be ready to make love to me after birth.

In the case of my first wife, it ruined my marriage. Not because she became unattractive or anything. That part didn't bother me. Rather, her behavior changed dramatically. Before the baby she pretended to be interested in everything I did, but after the baby it was baby, baby, baby, and only baby. And if I suggested we do something that's just for us, and just bring the baby along for the ride, she'd make me feel guilty. I felt I went from the source of her happiness to a servant and slave. Another big part of it was that I was immature and probably not ready to be a father. I was only 24 at the time which is young for a man.

In the case of my 2nd wife it didn't change much at all. I was very impressed at how she handled it and we were both prepared for and welcomed all the lifestyle changes. We have 4 kids now and are still a very happy family. The de-sexualization happens for sure. There was no sex in the last trimester and for about 3 months after the birth. That's a long time without sex but it's no big deal if you both have the same attitude.

Being ';gross'; is not something that entered my mind at all. That one is a question of maturity more than anything.

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